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Twelve Steps of Brocade Practice(Sitting Posture Version)(ͼ)
The Theory of Yin-Yang(ͼ)
Paying Respect to Void with the Mind Still(ͼ)
The Black Dragon Wagging its Tail(ͼ)
Adjusting the Flow of Blood and Qi(ͼ)
Cleansing the Mind in Fresh Breeze(ͼ)
Liu Hai Teasing Frog(ͼ)
Flowers Glittering in Hair(ͼ)
Lying on White Snow and Keeping Body Relaxed(ͼ)
Fish Frolicking in the North Sea(ͼ)

Pushing Against Restraint(ͼ)
Turning the Windlass(ͼ)
Han Xiangzi Deploys Qi(ͼ)
Flicking the Nape and Ears Echoing with Sound(ͼ)
Sitting in Silence(ͼ)
Beating the Drum and Plucking the Zither(ͼ)
Rubbing the Nape Area(ͼ)
Water Flowing on a High Mountain(ͼ)
Rubbing Clouds and Relaxing Sleeves(ͼ)
Lao Tzi Banishing the Wind(ͼ)

The Dragon Flying and the Tiger Running(ͼ)
Angling by the Lake(ͼ)
Soothing Chest Depression by Regulating Qi(ͼ)
Seated on a Mat and Floating on Water(ͼ)
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